• coming soon

    18 May My Thoughts: Welcome

    Hi, welcome to my blog Cookies.   I’d be curious right about now as to what is going to appear in the blog, are you? Hold on. I will answer that in a second.     First Cookies we must address this, the subject of......

  • Happy Birthday Desktop Background

    09 Jun Shout-Out – June Birthdays

    Sending out a very special, happy birthday to all of the June Cookies! Hope it is filled with great memories and LOVE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xo LM      ...

  • happy birthday

    10 Jul Shout-Outs : July Birthdays

    Happy Birthday July Cookies! xo LM  ...

  • zen flower

    10 Jul Positive Vibes: It’s All Experience

    ONCE UPON A TIME I received the best piece of advice: “Nothing ever is a waste of time to do or to learn. It is all experience for something you’ll need in the future.” While it may have be what I will call, to be......

  • hb cup

    08 Aug Shout-Outs: August Birthdays

    A very special Happy Birthday to my best friend on the planet!  C, you are the best! Thanks so much woman for making every day brighter! I love you bunches and Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! And now A very warm Happy Birthday wish to......

  • hb sept

    29 Aug Shout-outs: September Birthdays

    Happy Birthday to all the September Cookies! Hope you celebrate and spoil yourselves all month long! xoxo LM...

  • yum pancakes blog

    29 Aug Yum Yum Recipes : Old Fashion Pancakes

    Today’s Recipe: OLD FASHION PANCAKES I love making PANCAKES. I have a secret trick—a very yummy trick—to making the instant type from the packet. I give them that fluffy homemade taste by using, lean in, slightly warm water. If you are not in a rush;......

  • stabilityball

    29 Aug Fit Fun: Stability Ball

    Hey COOKIES, Stopping in to share that my go to in any workout is the stability ball; it is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment.  The stability ball always gives me a great workout! Here are a few resplendently fun must-share exercises that......

  • ws stuck blog

    03 Sep “Write” Stuff: When You’re Stuck

    Good Morning/Day/Evening/Night Cookies, No matter what time you find yourself reading this one I have something special for you, but first, before we jump in, I just wanted to welcome you back to the blog.  Okay, now the important stuff is out of the way,......

  • heat zone

    09 Sep Thank You: Heat Zone Readers

    Hi Cookies, I just wanted to give a quick Shout-Out to all of the Heat Zone Readers for their feedback on the Web Time Drama.  I am having a blast writing it weekly, and so I am beyond thrilled that everyone is enjoying it! Now a......

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