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I am officially taking part of #13Winterviews!


Recently I had the pleasure of partnering with K.J. Harrowick for a Blog Hop from December 2016 through March 2017!  As a partner I am having a lot of fun sharing some pretty amazing authors and talented people.

We have authors and people stopping in with a wide scope.  You name it and it has probably been included on this refreshing tour.

For the complete up to date list click LEXI’S BLOG

Not only am I a partner, but I am also a guest of #13Winterviews.  And guess what? This week, I had the pleasure of taking a seat in the hot chair and doing my own #13Winterview.


#13winterviews banner

Another interview that I liked was done by A.J. Super. I giggled, leaned in, and enjoyed the interview from word one to word done.  I think that you will too! READ A.J. SUPER INTERVIEW

I always like to discover new authors and this is a great tour for that.  So if you are like me, which I am kind of guessing you are, then treat yourself to some new authors!

Now are you wondering, outside of getting to know these authors for yourself, how you can get involved and support all of the #indieauthors on this tour?  It’s simple, on a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly basis there is an interview posted to K.J.’s website!  So please help out and share each of the interviews!  And if you want to go ABOVE AND BEYOND share them and share them constantly.  I know that K.J., myself, and all of the other authors would greatly appreciate that!

To follow along weekly be sure to check into:

K.J. Harrowick’s Twitter (first posted there)


LEXI’S BLOG (for up to date list)



Thanks for taking time out to read this! I appreciate it as well as your support on all things!



Blog Hop Guest Authors:

A.J. Super (12-21-16)

Kaelan Rhywiol (12-28-16)

Hilary (1-1-17)

J.P. Midnight (1-4-17)

Lexi Miles (1-8-17)

Ian Barnes (1-11-17)

K.J. Harrowick (1-13-17)

A.Y. Chao (1-18-17)

Max W. Miller (1-25-17)

Christopher Woolf (2-1-17)

The Shanghai Pearl (2-8-17)

Morgan Hazelwood (2-15-17)

Diana L. Gunn (2-22-17)

E.C. Montag (2-26-17)

Sara Bond (3-1-17)

M.A. Guglielmo (3-8-17)

Jennifer Galambos (3-15-17)




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