#1LDrop Round 3

Hi Lovies!

Lexi here.  I am popping in to say that I have had a wonderful time doing the recent collaboration for #1LDrop on Twitter!  Officially it has ended, at least for me! 

What is a #1LDrop?  Good question.  Let me back up just a smidgeon. 

#1LDrop is a collaborative effort of 1-8 authors that come together to tweet a live story for twitter.  The host and creator of the event is the awesomely talented and very giggly warm Soroiya!  Every couple of months Soroiya holds the event. 

What does it stand for?

First #1LDrop is the abbreviation for One Line Drop, which ultimately means that you add one line (1-4 lines actually) when it is your turn.

When does it happen?

Within 24 hours a new group of lines are added.  (I try to do it within a couple hours of my turn to keep the momentum of the story going.)

Who is involved?

1-8 authors pre-selected before the event starts. (After it has started the event is closed to add-ons.  All who are interested can jump in on the next fresh story by contacting Soroiya during the open selection process.)


Event happens LIVE on twitter

How does it work?

A theme is chosen. (This time it was Thriller that shaped into an action thriller as the story progressed.)

An author order is set by Soroiya that is followed throughout the entire story process.

Story starts from a writer prompt.

Writers each write 1-4 lines during their turn and then tag the next writer that follows them.

Tagging continues until the story is complete.

Why is it so much fun to write and read?

One never knows where it will go!


All right, so that is the background on #1LDrop!


This story has twisted, turned, and now is coming in for the final landing.

I nearly forgot to tell you, the story is about a tough guy named Kane, his girlfriend who’s a badass herself Witt, and the secret behind SHIVERS a program that has kidnapped kids for mysterious reasons.  And let me tell you, it is ONE WILD RIDE!

It has been so fun writing alongside the others!  Like in any writer room there has been the tense moments, what should we all do now in the story moments, what just happened shocking twists moments, and A LOT of the laughing in tears funny moments!  This group has been amazing and I hope that we all do it again next time!  Looking forward to mixing in some new authors to shake things up as well!

To check out the story now head over to twitter and search #1LDrop, go to author Chloe Quinn’s twitter (As one of the 8 authors, she RT the whole story.), or check back here because I will follow up with the link so that everyone can read the entire story.

HUGE THANKS to Soroiya for hosting the event!

Again #1LDrop was Wildly Fun!  I hope that you all enjoy reading it!

xo LM

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