Author Spotlight: Olga GOA

Today I welcome a very special guest who is a very talented Romance Author Olga GOA.


Hi Olga, thanks for stopping in. Let’s get started!

What genre do you write?

Well, Lexi. This is really hard question so I cannot reply to you. Ha-ha-ha. I’m just kidding. It’s hard to tell sometimes which genre I prefer the most but I love to mix genres and have fun with that. This is my writer’s hobby. For me to explore different things to make a story exciting is the best thing in writing, so I use erotica romance, suspense, psychology, thriller, and even comedy. I love all these genres, and this makes my writing closer to readers and their emotions.

What is one fun or interesting fact about you?

I would love to tell you, dear Lexi. But actually, I also won’t mind to know your tastes. I love music and movies, this is my inspiration for writing, and it gives me big push to move on. I adore how many things music can put in my head like I write a screenplay for a movie. This is really fascinating. I also like pets – cats, parrots, bunnies, but my hard love is horses and dogs because their loyalty, their unconditional trust, and support is outstanding. I admire them. My best use of time – go for a walk in forest and listen to the birds or vacation in some exotic places like India and UAE, or ancient places, like Italy and Greece. I like to breathe the fresh air of the country and feel the vibrations of its cities that are full of life! This gives me more relaxation and more ideas to write new books. When I have free time at home, I like to create some trailers for my favourite movies on YouTube and also play on piano as I sing.

What are the name of your released or upcoming books?

FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION – my first book already published on Amazon


HOT SHORT STORIES – the mix of the steamy stories that coming soon on Amazon in the end of autumn.

CLUB DRUNKEN CHERRY – my third big novel that I plan to finish this year, and when I do, I will certainly tell you the date of my book’s release.

FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION 2 (FIP sequel) – my fourth book that I write because my readers asked me and I don’t want to disappoint them. About real date of publishing I still don’t know, but on next year I will tell you all for sure. I also plan to write FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION 3 (FIP2 continuation), but everything depends on my fans. Only my readers could give me all support because as you know yourself, any writer needs big push to continue their stories and enjoy it as well.

But I have a lot of plans what to write next, so I just need a lot of time for balance my main work and writing and outlays as well.

Favorite writing and reading spot?

Of course, favourite writing spot is at home. I rarely write my books outside home, but if I could have a big house, I would love to write my books on the roof -the nature and my earphones in my ears for best inspiration to write.

About reading, I can do it everywhere, at home, at the café, on the train, because when I read, I totally immerse myself in the world of heroes, if the book really hooks my attention I don’t focus on anything else. I can enjoy reading even on a beach and underground when all people push me with their elbows, but I don’t care. I’m absolutely too into my book to become distracted from the amazing world of my fantasies 😉

Do you have a type? Bad Boys or Angels

Type of men or my characters? Anyway, I like when they are mixed, bad boys and angels at the same time make my heart race! They can be cute and so rough and hot. This melts me, and I need some time to come to my senses… Lol. But this is what I like 😉

What is one fun fantasy thing that you cannot wait to write in one of your romance novels?

About fantasy – sex fantasy or just role-play? Ha-ha. Actually, I used a lot of scenes in my books and really don’t know sometimes what about to write, but I hope I can find a way to make it original. I never wrote about beach steamy scene, maybe I will. I would enjoy it. Hope readers will as well! 😀

Most days, when not writing, what are you doing?

I spit at the ceiling! Ha-ha. But seriously, I love to read or watching movies on Blue-Ray or DVD. I like to get more ideas from movies and also sometimes be scared like horror movies. I like to watch different TV telecasts that tell about ancient architecture, art, music, literature and etc. I also like to study other languages but sometimes don’t have enough energy to continue, but I hope I can do it soon and finish my studying 😀

Why is writing sexy stories so much fun to you?

Because I can show people the types of people, who enjoy being so free and not hypocrite in sex. I think we are all so shy and not honest to ourselves to admit what we want. That’s why people love to read such stories because no one will judge them and tell them that something is wrong and they shouldn’t do that because this is bad. People are in their own world where everything is possible, and they can do anything – be wild, be crazy, be like they want to be. This is okay. And I think fun.

What are you looking forward to most?

To watch my favourite movies in cinemas or don’t miss a concert of the modern talented singer and group! 😀 Actually I’m looking forward to finish my books and enjoy my friends’ books. I love to read and also glad to support or even help with advice if people need it.

What is your favorite escape?

I would love to escape to Seychelles or Maldives, better to the unknown island where no one knows me, and enjoy my whole month vacation! Ha-ha but for me this is impossible, my work demands only two weeks of freedom. Sad. But of course I would like to spend my vacation in Italy, my favourite country since I visited in 2011 it and still can’t forget that atmosphere of beauty of art and architecture. I would like to visit France (doesn’t matter that it can be my third time) and Greece, and also India. I really enjoyed being there; this is such an unrepeatable place for enjoying a vacation. So I won’t mind to visit countries where I already was, but life is so hectic, so I need to do a lot of things before I can go to somewhere.

What is your favorite, leather or lace?

You mean natural leather or leatherette? Lol, of course, I prefer natural leather. Lace? Hmm, I don’t follow any modern trend for now, but I love black lace that have different patterns, it’s really luxury and more sexy than white or blue or another colour, but this is my point of view. Anyway, black is classic, and my word is final! *smirk at you*

What makes a great romance or love story to you?

The best romance story for me – the story that can captivate a reader from first pages, can immerse a reader in its special world and never let him go. A story that can make him desire to read more and reread it again and again and again. It’s hard to do it for any writer, but I think basically, needs a talent for that. Without talent, this can be hard but not impossible. A writer must have the intuition to know what readers want from him. This is the long way to learn that, but I think everyone can do it if he feels that writing is his passion and love of his life, like this, is the part of a writer and his soul. Only with these factors, a writer can win a billion people hearts, but as I said, this is hard labour and we need to spend a lot of energy on it and learn a lot. But never give up! Follow your star, and you can beat anything!

What is one thing that you love most about Milano? Veronica?

Wow, I never could imagine you ask me that question! Ha-ha. It’s like to lead me to the lie detector and ask me about my family! Lol. Because this is really personal question, but I would love to reply.

I love that they never give up; they fight for their feelings like madmen and want to prove any world that if they do it, they believe in it. They are brave, strong but they aren’t afraid to be weak near each other even if they don’t want to admit it and lie to themselves.

Their strongest thing is passion for now. Even this feeling is destroying factor of any relationships between a woman and a man because it cannot exist without love to create tough base for family, it connects them and feed them with deep feelings that started to grow in them and teaching them to understand each other day by day. Passion it’s like a lighthouse, torch in their life, even though it creates so many problems for them, but it’s also a link that makes them inseparable.

It pushes them to move closer to each other and know their own secrets. It gives them freedom in some ways, but Milano and Veronica must not forget that passion must overflow in love because lust is not love and people sometimes don’t see the difference between them, and this is bad. Passion, lust, and love are different things, but if you can mix them and make the love as the main brick of your fundamental relationships, you can do anything.

Only love that includes kindness, caring, trust, forgiveness, and patience can keep family safe. If a person never loved he never will understand what that means. I don’t believe that love dies, it just outgrows in respect and tenderness. And we always can light the fire in our relationships if we want it and love each other. People must learn to work on relationships doesn’t matter how hard they are, and they will see that any job has own rewards 😉

What is your preference for guys’ clothing? Shirtless, Man in a Suit, Uniform, Jeans, Nothing at All?

Are you serious? *Laughs*. Well, if consider a woman psychology, I can tell that the big part of women on Earth mostly love men when they wear something because it’s sexy when we don’t undress them but dress them. This is really enthralling! Especially if they are topless, in jeans or pants, this is really sexy. I prefer men in suits; they are really charismatic and serious. And it makes you think what he hides under all that armor of businessman or clerk? Maybe you can discover his secrets? 😉

If you were stranded on an island, who is with you, what are you doing, and how long would you stay?

My tablet! I will try to care about him – put him on charge in time, turn it off when he needs to sleep, and stay with him as long as I finish my story. Ha-ha-ha

One thing readers should expect from your books?

Mind-blowing love which is hidden in the shades of passion.

What’s next for you?

I want to finish my first projects that I plan to do and then to rest for a while. I want to test my pen in Young Adult Romance, so I cannot wait to start my new story when time comes!

Contact Info

Amazon Author Page https://www.amazon.com/Olga-GOA/

Website  http://olgagoa.weebly.com/

Radish  https://radish.app.link/9JZGUp84hG

Goodreads  https://www.goodreads.com/olgagoa/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/OlgaGOA_Writer

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/olga.goa.9

Facebook FIP page  https://www.facebook.com/fatefulitalianpassion/

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/authorgoaolga

Wattpad  https://www.wattpad.com/user/Olga_GOA

YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsKqT8e8jO4GVJuQ77yqYaA

E-mail  olgagoa65@gmail.com

Smashwords  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/OlgaGOA


Thank you to author Olga GOA for stopping in.

Thank you to everyone that took time out to read this, and for now that is all that I have for you today!

xo Lexi



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