Author Spotlight Winterviews: K.J. Harrowick

Today it is my greatest pleasure to introduce a wonderfully talented author of Science Fiction and Fantasy K.J. Harrowick.


Hi K.J. and welcome to the blog!  Let me further say how happy I am to share this interview.  You have such a warm spirit and that shines through your words!


What genres do you write?

I write adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love to immerse myself in exotic worlds, fantasy languages, bizarre flora and fauna, and discover a reality far removed from the one we currently exist in. When readers step into my stories, I want them to leave earth far behind, scraping back the layers to find more things to uncover beneath in the strata.


You are hosting #13Winterviews, how did the idea come to you? And what is it?

During #PitchWars 2016, I met an incredible group of writers and editors who helped me understand where I was as an author, and how to level up my word-crafting skills. When the rush was over, I wanted to create a winter project for my blog, something that could help highlight all the amazing talent out there that the rest of the world has yet to discover. Winter + Interviews was a great way to combine both visions.

Winterviews is 13 Interviews during the 13 weeks of winter. Each week, a different author is showcased to share with the world a little bit about their personality, their writing, the wonderful stories that I’m certain will be hitting the bookstores in the next five years (if they haven’t already).

We’ve also got some partner interviews for #13Winterviews, a blog hop, and other artists we’ll be showcasing along the way. So, feel free to stop by and say hello:

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What has been the best part of #13Winterviews for you so far?

I think it’s the reaction from other people. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, I just wanted to help others like me get another leg up. But people have reached out to partner up, showcase the Winterviews project, and interviewees are having a ton of fun promoting their work. I’m so excited to see how the final weeks shape up, so stay tuned because we still have some amazing talent coming.


One fun or interesting fact about you?

Ooh… the serious questions. LOL! Okay, here’s some fun ones:

  1. Flew to Denmark years ago, and the country went on strike as we were landing on the tarmac. Getting back home was fun, right up until we got to Hamburg, Germany. Customs & Militia FTW.
  2. At sixteen-years-old, I broke my tailbone on the edge of an ice-skate blade. Ouch doesn’t even cover it…
  3. My only visit to Alabama was on horseback. I never touched the ground.
  4. I’ve flown in a helicopter once, strapped to the side on a spinal board. Do not recommend.
  5. I love reading about conspiracy theories and how so much history has been covered up or suppressed. Great stuff for stories.
  6. My favorite adult drink is red beer (clamato & Alaskan Amber).


Please list your books/novellas?

My most current WIP is BLOODFLOWER, a dual-pov Medieval Science Fiction about an escaped starship whose occupants are all in hypersleep. The only people awake are the inhabitants of the moon trapped inside, and they have no idea there’s life beyond their green world.

Her innate powers awakened by torture, Jàden emerges from hypersleep to a medieval world of swords and sorcery. She must bond her uncontrollable magic with her enemy, or risk the destruction of two worlds.

Captain Ayers is bound to protect a woman whose magic could destroy his world. When she’s kidnapped, he must trust the help of an old enemy to save her life.

KJ book Bloodflower

The other WIP is my 2016 PitchWars entry. SECRETS OF SGÅDNOR is a dragon fantasy about a woman divided from her two-year-old, and the journey she takes to protect his life and reunite with him.

Kinra must kill a king and trade his throne for her son. When her mission backfires, she’s drawn into battle. Unless she bonds with a dragon, her son will be sacrificed to end a war.

KJ book Sgadnor


Favorite writing/reading spot?

On the couch. We have a wraparound with a lounge chaise I use instead of a desk. This allows the kids and dogs to cuddle up while I’m laying down words.


Most days, when not writing, what are you doing?

Writing code. I’ve been a front-end web developer for more than a decade. My work extends anywhere from hand-coded corporate websites to helping writers get their blogs up and running. I’ve built websites in nearly a dozen languages, designed and created book covers, and worked with responsive email media blasts.

When I’m not working, I wrangle children and dogs, glare at the never-ending pile of laundry that never seems to go away, and make a mean bowl of salsa.


What are you looking forward to most?

The thing I look forward to most is the future—a life of simplicity, a home in the country, and a garden large enough to get lost in.

I love country life and looking out the window to see only nature. Then when I turn around, I want to have an office full of books I’ve written, and books by the wonderful authors I’ve come to know and love.


One thing readers should expect from your books?

My stories contain older characters whose lives have already seen destruction. They emotionally (and sometimes physically) scarred. The characters tend to have a history of tragedy and they may have given up on life, be in search of escape, or seeking revenge. They’re dark and gritty with death, bloodshed, sex, violence, etc.

The stories are about second chances, escaping tragedy to a point where their lives spin out of control. Ultimately the characters become stronger, smarter, and ideally change the world around them a little bit—even if it means sacrifice.

I want my readers to step away from their lives into another world, and to fight alongside their favorite characters for that happy ending.

Oh, and I love me a good villain. Give me a super creepy, evil badass I can both love and hate at the same time. My villains always have a story, a rich history feeding the darkness inside them, so as you peel back the layers, you begin to question whether they’re really the bad guy or a victim of tragic circumstance. Seriously, give me all the bad ones!!


What’s next for you?

Keep writing. Whether it’s in my novels, or bringing the universes I’ve created to life in another medium, it’s a part of me now and I don’t plan on leaving.

I’ll also forever chase that simpler existence, a life of quiet moments, walks across the landscape, and warm summer breezes.


Contact Info

I love hearing from folks, so always feel free to reach out. You can find me at:

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Thank you to author K.J. Harrowick for stopping in and for hosting #13Winterviews.

Please be sure to stop in and check those out!

Thank you to everyone that took time out to read this, and for now that is all that I have for you today!

 xo Lexi


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