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Character Interview: Star Traveler Team

Today I happily welcome a couple special guests for a character interview Star Traveler Team!

(Star Traveler Series, a SciFi by Theresa Snyder).

The Team

So, Jake, Arr, and one of the cutest members of the team Kay-o *Lexi pats his soft sweet furry head*, please tell us about your Star Traveler Team:


What are you passionate about?

(Jake) Arr teamed up with Kay-o and me to assist the Galactic Forces (GF) of the verse fight the good fight. We like to think we are the good guys, bringing justice where the GF arm might not reach far enough. The verse is a very big place.


In most times, what would someone find you doing?

(Arr) If we aren’t protecting someone’s rights, then Jake has me cleaning equipment and training Kay-o *reaches down to pet the large Dardolf* He’s fond of Red Raspberry Goo Chews *Hands some to Lexi* Watch your fingers. *grins*

Can you describe yourself?

(Jake) I am human as you are. *eyes Lexi and gives her a killer grin* The girls seem to think I am good looking enough *runs hand through rumpled, wavy black hair.


*Lexi Giggles Girlishly*


(Arr) I have heard them say he is great in bed *grins innocently*


(Jake) Arr!


(Arr) *chuckles* I only tell the truth. We of my alien race, the Henu, are very truthful.


(Jake) And the girls are attracted to him too, though I can’t see why. No reputable mercenary would be caught dead in that red suit except you.


(Arr) Just because you wear black all the time doesn’t mean we all have to. *strokes Kay-o* Of course, Kay-o looks good in black too.


How did you come together as a team?

(Jake) Arr and I met up a few years back when Kay-o and I found him on his home planet. It had been devastated in a Helavite invasion.

(Arr) Kay-o’s been with Jake since he was a pup and he attacked me thinking I was a threat.

(Jake) I ended up nursing him back to health. I was really upset when I learned he was the last of his kind. Imagine, I was almost responsible for the extinction of a race. *swipes hand through hair again*


What is the most important thing to you?

(Arr) Friendship


(Jake) Friendship


(Kay-o) *nuzzles Lexi’s hand for more Goo Chews*


What irks you the most? What delights you the most?

(Jake) I can’t abide a lair and I love a good glass of whiskey.


(Arr) The smell of a bar is over powering to my sensitive nose, and Jake drags me into one at every Outpost, Trading Post and Mother Ship we encounter. I love fresh air and sunshine.


(Kay-o) *nuzzles Lexi’s hand for more Goo Chew*


What is one thing that you want us to know about you?

(Jake) That mercenaries can be on your side. We are not all bloodthirsty combatants. We can be your salvation.


(Arr) That not all aliens are alike and you should get to know us before you make any judgement.


Where can we find you?

(Jake) Our adventures are written by our friend, Theresa Snyder. They are the STAR TRAVELER SERIES. The latest is a gathering of the first three books into a collection, “The Adventure Begins,” available in ebook and paperback.


Star Traveler Team


Thank you Star Traveler Team for stopping in today, HAVE to know more about your story!  An additional thank you to author Theresa Snyder for making this interview possible.


Thank you to everyone that took time out to read this, and for now that is all that I have for you today!


xo Lexi


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