Character Interview: Valerie

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a special guest here for a character interview Valerie!


(Her Unexpected Life, a Chick Lit, by Brickley Jules).

brickley -valerie

So, Valerie, please tell us about yourself:


(Valerie fidgets in her chair, takes a deep breath, and then slowly lets it out.)

What are you passionate about?


My writing.  My current situation has put my muse into overdrive.  A friend got me that software where you talk and it types.  I’m so grateful as a busy mom.  Normally, I’m not sure I would be a fan, but with my muse working overtime I’m giving it a shot.


In most times, what would someone find you doing?


Running my girls to soccer or dance, learning to live again, and the never ending pile of soul sucking laundry.


Please tell us, who are you really?


That one hits a nerve, ladies.  (Valerie’s voice cracks.)  I’m a woman shaken to her core, who’s trying to keep her head above water.  Once I figure out how to swallow my pride instead of muddy river water, I’ll be okay.


I just don’t want to see any more carnage.  I worry about the unknown.  But I have my girls to think of.  They’re worth taking a chance or two.  Especially if it makes us all happy.


What do you look like?


(Valerie laughs.)  I may be an out of the box blond, who is sporting some motherly fluff around my midsection.  Or I may look like that high cheek boned goddess in that hot new movie coming out. 


You can think of me either way, I am fine with it.


Where/when are you from?


I’m from a lovely little made up town called Briarton, from the immediate time period.  Briarton is actually modeled after a real town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.


What is your biggest strength?


I would have to say my ability to keep it together in a crisis.


What is your biggest weakness?


I’m too stubborn.  I have trouble accepting help.


What is the most important thing to you?


My kids and family.  No further thought needed.


What irks you the most?


When people purposely tear down another person for fun.


What delights you the most?


My kids being happy, the kindness of strangers, and…dabbling in social media pages.


What is one thing that you want us to know about you?


I never sought out the changes thrust upon me, but I took my lemons and made pledge.


Where can we find you?


Her Unexpected Life by author Brickley Jules.  If all goes to plan, it’ll be available at your favorite retailer in October.

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Thank you Valerie for stopping in today, can’t wait to read all about your story!  An additional thank you to author Brickley Jules for making this interview possible.


Thank you to everyone that took time out to read this, and for now that is all that I have for you today!


xo Lexi



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