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Peek Inside The Novels
Josephine Summers, a feisty red headed chef has just been blacklisted for declining her boss’ romantic advances.  Determined for a fresh start Jo has a chance meeting with the dreamy lawyer with the penetrating blue eyes, Roger, who convinces her to become his live in chef.  After that things really heat up.  Will Jo find it difficult to keep things strictly professional? – Convince Me
Blistering Chemistry


The moment they had exited the elevator he spun her around to where her back meet up with the wall.  Her hair suddenly tumbled free.  He now kissed her hungrily as if she was the air he needed to exist.  With his urgency, she had caught on that their pace of lovemaking in that spot had to be done quickly.-Convince Me


Eyes closed she delighted in every delicious beat of the song smiling, whipping her air lasso around, and mouthing the words.  With the song thoroughly enjoyed, Jo returned to cleaning up by collapsing the table.

“You need some help with that Josephine?” his deep voice inquired.

 Jo, eyes the size of saucers, twirled around to see him seated on a chair leg crossed and comfortable.  He smirked.  She had not heard him return.  Apparently though, he had been there for a moment.

“Enjoy the show,” she paused as she leaned in closer to his tag to read it, “Roger Collins.”

 He snickered back, “Yes, and I enjoyed the food too.  The roasted garlic chicken and wild rice was particularly delicious.”

 Jo now beamed from ear to ear.  He continued to compliment the food course by course.  He had just arrived at the richness of the moist chocolate chip velvet cake that had concluded the meal.

Undoubtedly, it had been quite a long time since she had actually received feedback on her cooking.  Correction.  More accurately, outside of empty plates, she had not received positive or genuinely truthful feedback for as long as she could remember.  In her most recently history, she had only been hit with brutally negative feedback.  The critical blows had been more than she had deserved.  Understandably turning down her boss’ unwanted sexual advances, in his own world renowned kitchen, tended to do that.  Her skin crawled and she squinted angrily at the thought of that short stubby bald arrogant Walsh Borde.

“Did I say something to offend you Josephine?” Roger asked with concern in his voice.

Instantly Jo returned, “No, Roger.  I’m sorry I was just reflecting and I am glad you brought me back.  That memory has taken enough of my time.”  Before he could inquire further, she nodded toward the other end of the extremely heavy table to signal to him that she had accepted his offer to help with her least favorite part of cleaning up.

As he grabbed the other end and lifted it with ease, he asked, “How did you start hosting parties like this?”  

Jo sighed deeply before she dove in, “It’s a long story but honestly I can make it short.  I worked somewhere and it wasn’t a fit.  I recently moved here for a fresh start, and to hopefully get a chance to cook in a professional kitchen again.  You see, as a kid, I have dreamed of becoming the resident chef for the elite.  Like say, for a political family or something.  Something like that, with the variety of events, would be ideal for me.  And with recent events beyond my control, this is the only way now that I get to share my love for cooking with other people at the moment.”

 They moved to the kitchen as she continued her story, “I would cook for my family, but the only family I have is my sister and her hubby.  They are all the way in the UK.  So, you are who I get to share my love with.”  She blushed at how that could have sounded, almost as if he was her romantic partner.  She tripped all over herself and corrected her words, “Or anyone,” now that was starting to sound even more terrible, “I’ll stop talking now because it’s your turn.”  She tapped his chest and said, “Spill something.” 

 With a bright giggle he asked, “Sure, if I could get more of that delicious coffee Josephine?”

Reminded of her manners Jo chuckled back, “Of course you can,” she continued as she turned back around with the hot coffee pot in her hand, “And it’s Jo.  Just feel free to call me Jo.  Although when you say Josephine with your New England accent it is really pretty.”  Again inside she told herself to stop talking.  She could feel it, given her history of being her, if she did not cease talking she just might venture to embarrassing or awkward territory.

 He voiced her nickname a few times.  It seemed as if he was getting it acquainted in his mind.  Either way, to Jo, like she had told him, her name had never sounded as good, but most definitely not as sexy as it did now rolling off his tongue.  Heat shot through her like lightening and caused her heart to flutter.   

 Roger now had the floor.  He giggled out, “I am an only child.  Once my parents had me for some reason they were just done.”

Jo giggled at his joke that implied that he must have been a handful as a child.

He then had continued, “I own my own law firm.  And it does alright.”  By what she gathered, by his comfortable tone, his firm was not just getting by but was in fact mega successful.  Her suspicions were confirmed when he inquired, “It’s Collins Global Law & Associates.  Are you familiar with it?”

She giggled at his humbleness as she returned, “Who hasn’t Roger?”

With a soft hint of a rose blush on his cheeks, clearly not one to boast about himself, Roger rushed on, “I must confess I have done it for a while now.  And over the course of my career my personal emphasis has expanded to just about everything.  It is just because I love law like you’ve just told me that you love to cook.”

Jo’s face warmed with a smile as she spoke, “Say no more.  I understand why your firm is synonymous quote on quote for raising the bar on law.  You love it.”

“Yeah I do.  There is just something rewarding in every legal matter that we oversee.  Some I’ve been told I personally am better at but I like doing them all.  There is always a fresh challenge.”

Jo smirked, “I could imagine that.”

“But guess what Jo?”


Jo’s eyes traveled across the desirable fit campus of his body while he raised his long arms up into the air, as he stretched, and he made another joke, “I love to eat probably more than both of us loves what we do professionally put together.”

Jo bubbled over with laughter in wonderful harmony with Roger’s own deep laugh; simultaneously, they begun to sip a cup of the old fashioned pot of fresh ground cinnamon coffee at the counter that she had prepped for them.

She was seated across from him, and she was completely fascinated by him as they talked.  As she enjoyed the sensation of the warm hot sweetly liquid coating her throat, she giggled out, “Tell me more about you.  What kind of child were you?”

He started, “If I tell you that you can’t hold it against me.”

“Depends on the story,” she joked back.

“Ok you’ve been warned.”

She waved him on with both of her hands as she said, “So I have.  Bring it on.  I’ve met the man, little you can’t be any worse.”

He playfully giggled out in response to her playful jab, “Ha, ha.”

“Okay you, so tell me this story,” she giggled out through bright laughter at his reaction.


As they rested tangled up in one another upon his black leather and chrome lounger in his office, Jo caressed Roger’s hand lovingly.

“There is something else I have to try,” Roger oozed sexily in her ear from behind as his phone now beeped.

So far their trying something new that they had always wanted to do had worked out amazing for Jo, so she was game.  He stood up and properly wrapped his tie around her neck so that it was the only thing that dressed her naked frame.  He then guided her to his desk, sat down in his huge executive chair, and had gently guided her moist cavern to form to his rock hard penis again.

Facing him and spilling heat that confessed her readiness she had begun to rock up and down upon his firm and now naturally lubricated sex rod.  Instantly it had felt brilliant and she throbbed deliciously as all of her senses went haywire.  It felt so good like this.  As she rolled her head back about to scream, suddenly Roger softly bit her bottom lip and released it.  He placed his finger upon her lip and had begun to speak to a client for an over the phone conference.

That kicked their passion hotter.  Somehow they managed to be quiet as she swerved on him and he shot deep within her.  He pulled her to him then moved her away and then to him again.  She griped his hair.  He bit and teased her nipple.  Then he did the same to the other.  Still no noise just intense stares.  She pressed her mouth to his as the long winded gentleman and then another woman took the conversation over.  Very softly he mouthed for Jo to hold on and then he messed with something upon his keyboard.  The two on the other end now confirmed that they had just received what he had sent over.

“Good.  That is very good,” he answered them yet was talking to Jo.

Jo smiled.  She now smiled even wider.  She had just realized it was that meeting.  He was giving his pitch he had rehearsed with her to the potential baby store client.  She giggled within apparently he was destined to give it to them as he had rehearsed it, wearing nothing.  She stroked his frame and brought him in on her joke.  He grinned and continued talking.  She nodded to him.  What he had added now as he spoke to them was brilliant.  He smirked and thanked her, but clearly by his next move within her his focus was not really upon the meeting.

As he slowly inched further into her it felt amazing, the earth shook.  It felt sublime to ride the roll of his hips as if it was her favorite twister ride at the fair.  It was so soft, so smooth, and also filled with small hops of surprise.  It was thrilling.  It was so good.

“They will not try that now that I represent you.  I am sorry,” he winked at Jo while dramatically paused, for it was no accidental slip of the tongue; rather, that had been his rehearsed assumptive close of the account.  He continued, “I meant when I represent you.

Roger paused waved his hand in the come on say it type of way, and like the perfect act in a play they knew their cue and sealed the deal by confirming he had their business and attention.  After having them electronic signature confirmation of that representation of the Baby Store Line via email, he continued.  But not before Jo squeezed him in a congratulations hug and then returned to the business of pleasure with him.

“I know,” Roger’s voice octave, in appreciation for Jo’s return to soft bouncing upon him, had climbed slightly higher but not high enough to be noticed by anyone outside of Jo.  She giggled without sound apologetically and he shot her a devilishly charming chuckling grin.  He recovered and cleared his throat and continued.

“As I said, I know you are aware of how I play ball.  I have the courage—the absolute courage—heart, drive, skill, and elegance to accomplish your desires of your company.  Since privacy of council has been established, tell me what you see happening?”

Jo’s eyes flutter and rolled back within her head, he could have just done anything else.  But now, silence was impossible for her.  Within his words he had just stated her hot flame fire word: courage.  She was fucked before, but now…

As she was about to scream out in pleasure, Roger had beat her to it.  He was thunderously loud and his voice echoed throughout the office as his hands sank into her back pressing her firmly against him and he begged her not to stop.  As he found his release, Roger gripped that desk and kicked, bucked, and jerked about overcome by the waves of sweet ecstasy.  Hearing him, so sexy like that, as he unintelligibly succumbed to their passion, Jo too called out in earsplitting unmistakably cries of sexual satisfaction.  His mouth now passionately pressed hard to hers for a blistering hot kiss.

Fresh out of the kiss quaking from experienced love, Jo’s eyes were big as they shot over to the phone.

Quench Your Desire
Due to serious convincing Ryan has agreed to take much needed private self-defense lessons.  With only the first sight of her tall alarmingly sexy instructor all complaints have vanished. One night they can no longer deny the chemistry between them.  Will that make her his best student yet?  – Private Lessons
Off-the-chart attraction


Achingly slow Jimmy brought her frame in front of him.  From behind with one hand around her he touched her trembling abdomen as he whispered softly in her ear sexily and so low it was criminal.  “Shut your eyes.”  Ryan’s eyes fluttered close as she awaited his next request – Private Lessons


Ryan DeVain could not believe that she was there.  How had she let her best friend Piper talk her into this?  Her heartbeat rose as she waited alone seated on a fitness mat upon a bright hardwood floor.

Ryan examined herself in the large mirror wall in front of her while she waited for her instructor to arrive.  She fidgeted with her light lime green sherbet tank top shirt hem that was paired with her fitted black calf length yoga pants. She tossed her long wavy honey kissed brown and golden hair into a high pixie type bun as she heard it.  Ryan’s warm brown eyes shot to the door.  Her instructor had arrived.

Dressed in a navy blue hoodie, that was raised upon his head, and loose relaxed charcoal sweats he took the floor powerfully with speed as he made his way to the front.  He tossed his gym bag upon the floor in center of the room directly by the mirror and then turned to face her.  Ryan felt the air shoot from her lungs as she caught sight of his face full on for the first time.  She had not thought that he was going to be that attractive.  Actually his appearance had not crossed her mind at all until now.

The tall chiseled faced Adonis dropped his hood down from his head and revealed his soft short brown hair and electric mirror blue eyes.  Ryan’s eyes fluttered in response. She quickly inventoried his captivating features.  She started her tour at his beautiful landscape of his dreamy model perfect face and his strong broad shoulders.  Then she took in his nicely defined arms from what she could see beneath his sweatshirt, his lean tight torso, and the remainder of his entire godlike fit and beautiful frame. He was the very definition of gorgeous.

As Ryan tried to stop herself from gawking, the alarmingly handsome man shed his jacket, smiled, and warmly extended his hand to greet her.  As she stood Ryan was entranced with him now only in a fitted tank top and loose sweats.  She took his hand.  All of a sudden she felt herself airborne and flipped.  Her self-defense lesson had begun.


An hour in long after she had noted his first lesson, to always be on her guard in every situation, a stringy haired Ryan was drenched with sweat. She had successfully learned to toss him as easily as he had tossed her beforehand.  Ryan now tried to catch her breath and failed.  She knew why.  Ryan worked out all the time but the physicality of his training had even challenged her fitness level.  Ryan had to be honest.  It also had a lot to do with the way his heavenly skin glistened with sweat.  He was so deliciously distracting.

She panted out, “So are you finally going to tell me your name?”

He returned, “You have to earn it.”

After that he then instructed her on a few more drills.  Anything he threw at her she hit it hard.


Ryan was in the midst of doing a series of squats in her third hour of training when she asked, “So have I earned it yet?”

“If you have to ask I think you know that answer,” he responded as a soft, barely there, smirk dressed his handsome face.

Ryan huffed.  He was as tough as Piper had warned her that he would be.  Considering her history that haunted her she was not complaining.  She knew one day she may have to be ready and with that she focused and hit it harder.  Ryan giggled within she was aware that her sizzling hot instructor’s eyes were upon her.  That also was a great motivator as well.


“Time,” he boomed to end the session.

Ryan had never heard that word sound that good.  She dramatically and playfully collapsed on the mat completely exhausted after their intense four hour training session. She felt him take a seat next to her on the floor.

Her skin tingled when a cool sensation grazed her arm as the brunette breathtaking man passed her a bottle of water while he spoke the words smooth and deep into the air, “Dorian you did good today.”

Ryan eyed him out of the corner of her eye and playfully giggled out, “You are being kind.”

“Considering you went over three hours without complaining, I am being honest,” a warm smile lit his face as he had spoken.

Ryan’s eyes were wide.  What did he mean?  She narrowed her eyes and sat up.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”

“You were on a roll,” he chuckled impishly and flashed a huge charming smile.

“Was I now?” She snickered and then took a sip of the water.

He continued to speak warmly, “It’s Jimmy by the way.”  He then reached out to shake her hand.

Her brain happily hummed his name repeatedly.  A very gorgeous name for such a beautiful man.  Suddenly Ryan froze as her eyes dropped to his hand just as she was about to shake it.  Ryan now eyed him and did not take it.  He giggled in response to her hesitation, “Lesson’s over.  I promise it’s safe to shake it this time Dorian.”

After she eyed him skeptically for a couple more seconds with playfulness she then extended her hand and bubbled brightly, “Please call me Ryan.  I think you earned it too.”


She could barely speak the sentence as she still bubbled over in laughter.

“You handsome man are not the only one with a playful side…”

As she whirled around she was stunned to silence to see that he was right there behind her.

Her eyes lit up, as Jimmy growled, while he warmly reached for both of her hands as if it were the first movement in an elegant dance, “I know.  And I love that about you.”

She giggled brightly and flirted, “Is that right?”

He nodded to confirm as he gently guided her body to him and invited her back to his frame.

Ryan swallowed hard as her desire burned blistering hot again.  She knew he wanted her all over him.  He made it clear as he confessed it now without the need for words by the penetrating sexy way he looked at her as well as by the loving highly sensual way he had pulled her back toward him just now.  He only proved it more as he now situated her arms so intimately around him.  He did not want her to view his body as anything but hers.

Body to body, Ryan was ever so hot now as they talked on sensually pressed together within each other’s embrace.  With her head dropped back as she looked up at him she seductively voiced, “What else do you love about me?”

With a soft chuckle he kissed the side of her cheek by her ear and returned the answer in a sexy deep hum, “Your birthmark right here.”

“You sure?” she whispered barely able to speak.

“Oh yeah Ryan, I am definitely sure,” his words had tickled her skin as he has spoken.

As she looked up in the air, she coyly asked through a smile, “Anything else is should know?”

She purred out in a giggle as his nose brushed her neck and he expressed his answer with an even lower timber within his voice then before, “And how good you smell.  That too.”

Everything stirred within her at what he had spoken.  She felt so beautiful.  Enveloped still within the warmth of his arms she beamed as she softly spoke, “Oh.  You do.”

He nibbled her ear as he confirmed, “Yes, I do.”

Ryan was about to say something else but before any words could escape her lips his mouth again met hers.  Ryan hummed happily surprised as his minty tongue then gently flicked her cotton candy, glossy lips open.

All thoughts were lost as their tongues had begun to tangle together in their erotic dance.  That new rise in intimacy within their kissing was as if a wild uncontrollable accelerant had been splashed on the heat that raged between them.  It scorched hot now.

As she felt hotter and hotter by the second she clutched his back and pressed him to her as they hungrily kissed on.  They now walked as they kissed and were once again near the window like they had been before.  Heavily kissing their bodies skipped together in heated friction.  As close as they were now, Ryan felt Jimmy firming and bulging near readiness against her.

A deep sensual moan escaped his lips as one of his hands found their way down her body and lifted her pink and black sports bra above her breast that sprung her bouncy chest to freedom.  Ryan arched her back as Jimmy dropped his head to nibble her aroused points.  The sensation sent warm delicious rolls and dizzying waves throughout her entire frame.

Ryan rocked her head up and met his mouth again as he massaged her breast while he simultaneously slipped his other hand beneath the clothing of her yoga pants to glove her sex.  Ryan widely parted her legs to ease his handling of her wet fleshy fire zone.  Tingling everywhere and near out of her mind Ryan observed that his hand was quite the perfect fit.  His expert fingers got lost in her warmth and played for a moment as she sighed soft moans of appreciation.

While hotly kissing him Ryan nudged him to open his eyes.  With their eyes locked on one another Ryan gave him a series of short hard kinky pecks where she backed up and then returned to his lips.  It was her way of giving him a preview of the rhythm of how she was going to rise and fall on his length.  Jimmy smirked a wicked naughty smile.  He was obviously pleased.  Ryan returned a bashful yet highly flirtatious smile.  She liked that he liked it.

After a moment more of hot spicy play in that fashion Ryan peeled Jimmy from his shirt.  Ryan’s eyes fluttered.  He was such a glorious vision waxed, well defined, and shirtless.  Ryan sprinkled soft sweet kisses on his chest as she looked up at him and eyed him with fire as she did.  Again he flashed her a yummy smile of appreciation.

Just now as he had smiled her warm coffee brown eyes had fallen on his mouth now reddened both from arousal and their hard intimate kissing.  Ryan could not fight it any longer.  His mouth had a hypnotic power and she again was entranced.  She was caught up within its enticing influence.  She needed it against her own lips once more.  With that she threw her arms around his neck and brought him back to her mouth for more full on passionate kissing.

As they feverishly pressed their lips to one another she clutched and stroked the back of his hair while his hand continued to tease her there.  Unceasingly they deeply kiss on as the heat of their passion climbed further, higher, and hotter.

Without warning her blue eyed dream lover lifted Ryan’s petite frame effortlessly onto the cool white concrete shelving that ran the length of his office as a border right below the midway mark of the two way blue mirror window walls.  Now upon it Ryan was level with his heat as he carried on with his mind blitzing exploration of her moist cavern.

As he had Ryan’s bliss was so extreme and so good.  Her thoughts in her mind were pleasant yet everywhere.  She could not pin down all the delicious sensations she felt.  She just knew that she felt unbelievable: indescribably delicious.

She just could not believe how skillful Jimmy was with her body.  He was as skillful with her now as he was when he instructed her the day before.  Fighting techniques that were something she knew he had been training for years to perfect and could now do in his sleep.

But this was different.  This was instinct.  It was like he was feeling her needs intensely and stripped away like he had the sounds of her penthouse.  How did he know to touch her there?  How to nibble her ear just so?  How to stroke and tug?  He just knew her so well?  But as he knew her she knew him.  They both were worshiping each other’s body like a precious temple.  And they did so with the intensity of all of their senses.

Every touch was heightened and intense.  So much so that Ryan’s head fell against the blue mirrored wall behind her and rolled about on the cool glass.  As she fluttered open her eyes while she found and now massaged his sizable man muscle through his loose sweats, she could see the unsuspecting gym attendees below none the wiser to their lovemaking above them.  Somehow it only made what they were doing even more pleasurable.

His moans against her ear now kicked her need for him higher and her sex wetter.  Hungrily her hands found their way back to his soft brown honeyed mane.  She quickly tugged his silky hair and his sapphire beauties locked with her almond eyes.  She again curled her fingers tight in his smooth hair.  This time the right corner of his top lip had twitched and he had issued a small molten hiss release sound through his teeth as it did.

Sensual energy hung thick in the air.

Fall Head Over Heels In Love
Sela’s scam artist brother has gotten himself in trouble again.  As usual she is left to clean up his mess.  After a mediation, the only thing that she can do is to work off his debt by agreeing to be legal counsel on call for the family.  Very reluctantly, since the guy she will be working directly for is as infuriating as he is sexy, she agrees to do it to make the whole thing go away.  But this time has her brother’s serial nature of mistakes finally paid off for her in all the right ways? – Too Much Trouble
Wildly Hot


Her lips on his neck.  Then his hot mouth was upon her.  It was heaven.  She had not done this kind of wild thing ever.  Most definitely not with a stranger that she had not even exchanged names with. –Too Much Trouble


Sela shook her head, and knew that she was not thinking of her partnership or how this situation affected her directly.  That was all secondary.  Sela’s moral code would not allow her to just sit by and watch.  One of the main reasons that Sela was in law was to stand up for those who needed it.  And Kayla was the witch of all witches but even she did not need to be destroyed over something like this.  Sela closed her eyes.  She knew that she had to step in.

Kayla was not one to quiver but she was now as she said, “Um yes I know that you are the kind of man to seek out someone if that is your desire.  I will not make that mistake again.  Please.  Please don’t.  It is not necessary for you to bring my boss Mr. Ruthford into this.  It won’t happen again.  I promise.  But it was an honest mistake.  There is no need to…”

Sela pranced into Kayla’s office and motioned with a wave of her hand for Kayla to hand her the phone.  Kayla’s eyes brightened.  She sighed relieved and smirked at the phone knowing that the person on the other end was going to be singing a new tune soon.

The gentleman on the other end was in mid-sentence,“You realize that you threw away you career as a lawyer Miss Mons-Tier the moment you mistakenly picked up the phone and assumed that your actions did not yield consequences.  That you thought you knew who you were dealing with.  But you clearly have no idea.”

Sela squinted.  This guy was as arrogant and self-inflated as they came.  He clearly was comfortable being in the driver’s seat.  Instantly she knew how to handle him.  She listened on.  All the talking that he was doing it was only a matter of time before he had given her enough rope to hang him.  Sela smiled at Kayla, there it was.

Kayla giggled as Sela crossly spoke into the phone for the first time like a whip had been cracked, “I am sorry you are?”

“Gavin Brooks, CEO and owner of Brooks International Industries,” he shot back.

By the way he had said it, it was as if that was supposed to mean something to Sela.  It didn’t.  All she heard was I am an ass and I am proud of it.  Blah, blah, blah.

Unimpressed by his name, title, and company Sela continued, “Well Mr. Brooks, Miss Mons-Tier had done nothing that requires legal actions or professional review by simply chatting with you.  She said hello.  She said that she was reaching out to you as a courtesy to extend our firm’s service to you should you, which implies no contractual obligation or pressure, need legal advice in the future.  A man in your position as a CEO as you, yourself clearly pointed out as the authority of future business inquiries while critiquing hers, surely understands that there was no solicitation in what she said to you.  Correct?

His voice was calmer now and icy as it seemed as if he now knew that intimidation would not work with Sela like it had with Kayla, “I didn’t catch your name.”

“I didn’t not give it.  It is Sela Kentmoore.  Two “o”s.  But returning to the point.  Was there solicitation?”

He grunted irked by her cutting through all that he had said and he himself had rendered moot by what he had noted in his own words during his angry critique.  He reluctantly spoke, “No.  You are correct.  There was no solicitation.”

Sela continued without a pause, in an even tone that had a bite to it beneath the surface, “Well I am glad that we all agree.”

Kayla was wide eyed and nodded still waiting on edge.

Sela now shot on, just a notch before a cross tone, crisply, “Then that is all the business that we have tonight.”

His bewildered tone suggested that he was stunned still by the whiplash of how quickly the conversation had flipped on him as he said, “Yes.  I guess that it is.”

Sela then said firmly, as she lowered the boom, “I talked to you tonight as a professional courtesy.  But please do not make the mistake of ever threaten one of my legal staff members or my firm again.  If so, I will be the one to introduce to you to the real meaning of consequences to actions.”

As quickly as Sela had issued her warning she had then slipped into her sweeter professional voice of a phrase that she had stated countless times in the past ten years at the firm, “If you should need legal representation, solely at your discretion, you have the number.  Thank you and have a great evening.”

Sela detected a soft hint of a smile in his voice, of what she assumed was because of being unusually bested, as Mr. Brooks voiced, “Good night Mrs. Kentmoore.  Although it started on less than favorable terms, at the conclusion of our talk, it has been quite lovely to end my night with you.”

Sela turned away from Kayla as she instantly corrected him, “Miss.”

Mr. Brooks corrected her title immediately.  That time she could hear a warmth in his voice as he issued, “My apologies.  Once more, good night Miss Kentmoore.  And please inform Miss Mons-Tier that I send her my professional apologies as well for my mistaken assumption of her intentions.”

Sela felt a smile tug to life on the corner of her mouth.  With a full smile upon her face she returned.

“I will good bye.”

She dropped it instantly as she turned back to face Kayla who awaited the news of his newest words.  Her voice was as flat as possible as Sela told Kayla, “He apologized.”

Kayla fell back against her chair in full on relief, “Sweh.”

Kayla then sat up in her chair and then said, “I know I say this rarely but…”

Sela smiled.  She knew what she was going to say thank you.

Kayla issued, “That was awesome.  Thank you.”

Sela warmly voiced, “Don’t worry about it.”

Kayla returned, “I won’t forget what happened here tonight.”

Sela joked, “Don’t worry about it.  Besides, I couldn’t win the partnership on a technicality.”

Kayla giggled back, “Ok if that’s your story.  Game on then.”

As Sela walked off down the hallway back to her office she called back over her shoulder, “Game on.”


He was about to take his seat and then he said, “Actually, if you a free for the rest of the afternoon I have a better idea.”

She just so happened to be.  And by the way that he had stated it she was now curious.

She returned with a smile upon her lips, “Sure.  Let me get this to go.”

Within a few short moments she had tailed him up to the beautiful park that overlooked the city.  She got out of her car and looked around.  As a kid the place had been her favorite spot on the weekends.

“That’s weird,” said Sela.

He now spoke as he rounded his car and joined her, “What?”

She voiced aloud, “I loved this place as a kid, and it is exactly the same after all of this time.”

He giggled amused.

“Okay now this is just getting weird.  It was my favorite place too.”

She warmly smiled at him, and expressed, “This was a nice idea.  Thank you.”

He returned, “Had to do something to redeem myself.  And…”

She looked to her left at him to see what came after the word and.  And she found out it had been his soft mouth upon her lips.  He walked her backward and now pushed her up against a tree as their blistering hot kiss continued.  Their mouths soon went wild out of control, spreading to other areas, as they kissed each other’s sweet skin like a forest fire.

Her lips on his neck.  Then his hot mouth upon her tingling exposed breast.  It was heaven.  She had not done this kind of wild thing ever.  Most definitely not with a stranger that she had not even exchanged names with.  If Sela was being perfectly honest, she had not had any sort of romance lately.  Sex as hot as this had been non-existent.  Her boyfriend before him had been pretty basic, but this was anything but.

As their kissing had begun to go from sensual to full on we are going to fuck kissing he had backed away.  He spoke, “Wait here.”

She waited as he retrieved a blanket from his car.  He tossed it down upon the ground of the completely empty remote park.  He took her gently with him to the ground.  The blanket was so soft it almost felt like furniture.  He now placed his hand up the side of her hot pink tube dress and rested it on her backside.  She gripped him gently on his firm tented erection within his black suit pants that he had been wearing at the hospital earlier.  She closed her eyes tightly as he now had teased her sex with his hand on the outside of the delicate material of her panties.  As he was about to cross the threshold of her tiny lace panties she sighed loudly in pleasure…

Sunni Vandermoore just got the assignment of a lifetime: dressing the ultra-sexy singer/actor Striker Clint for the entire holiday season.  The only rule, no romantic involvement with clients.  Are some rules made to be broken? – Custom Fit
Fiercely Spicy


In the hallway, up against the cool surface of the mirror, he brought one of her arms up and then the other.  His tongue penetrated her oral cavity, as he pinned her hands up in the air.  Slowly he tortured her neck.  Soft licks and nibbles felt like sexy sweet fire touching down upon her flesh.  Her heart raced with excitement.  –Custom Fit


“Sunni, you have a new assignment.  Here.”

Seated behind her desk, the dark haired woman with cat-eyed glasses, passed a slip of paper to Sunni between her two fingers.

Zelina barely addressed Sunni with her eyes as she said, “Show up at this address in an hour.”

“Unbelievable, you gave that assignment to her.  That was supposed to be mine,” the dirty blonde haired Francie screeched, as she cleaned up from Zelina’s last meeting, and stormed out in a huff pass Sunni.

Both Sunni and her boss Zelina, undisturbed by the jealous woman’s outbreak, acted as if Francie’s daily dramatics had not occurred as Sunni voiced, “But what about my current clients?”

“You previously planned and styled their attire, so I already assigned my personal assistant Francie and other members of your own personal team to it in your absence for the season.”

“Thanks,” Sunni chirped back confused.

She had not been handed an out-of-the-blue assignment like that since she was a cub.  It had been ten years since she had begun her career as a style consultant, and people now were wait listed out a couple months before she, personally, had consulted with them to determine if she or any of the members of her elite team, for that matter, were going to take them on.

If her boss, the ever stylish Zelina, who had taught her the value of being in demand and just about every other trick of their profession, had bypassed the wait list, it was serious.  Whoever this client was, since even first ladies and a few royals had waited, they had to have extraordinary influence.

“By your face, just now, I know you are not use to me treating you like you are green.  I apologize.  But it could not be avoided.  Lana Matthews called me personally. And when you get a call from her you honor her request.  And you do it yesterday.”

Inside Sunni shook her head and thought that sneaky Lana.  She went over Sunni’s head.  Sunni knew Lana Matthews personally.  With everyone else Lana, a long-time friend from childhood, had created a barracuda all business no nonsense persona, but Sunni did not buy into it.  The next time they spoke, since Sunni had already told Lana that she was going to have to wait until after the holidays for whatever Lana wanted because Sunni was swamped, it was not going to be pretty.

A smirk overtook Sunni’s face as she thought, but she did love how ballsy her friend Lana was.  She would give her that.  What was done was done.  She shrugged, since it was the holidays, Sunni had decided she would let it slide just this once.  At least for now.  She now refocused on Zelina.

Zelina had continued, “Anyway, her client’s stylist fell out.  Something to do with the no dating rule.  Since you’ve never dated one of our clients—ever—I know we have nothing to worry about.  Right?”

Sunni returned with absolute certainty, “Definitely not.”

Sunni then joked, “Considering I literally wrote the handbook for our company on why not to mix business with pleasure with your history,” Sunni now tripped all over herself to correct her slip, “people in general not just you,” her mouth just would not let her not step further into trouble.  She decided it best to tie off her words with.  “Anyone that mixes business with pleasure knows that it usually doesn’t work.  That’s all I am saying.”

There was a ghost of a smile on Zelina’s face.  It suggested that she obviously knew that Sunni had tried to dance around the romantic fiasco Zelina had early on in Zelina’s career that had near ruined her.  Something, Zelina had told her in confidence years ago.  After which, Sunni had wrote the guidelines of procedure about it in the employee handbook.  Words that said, put in place for Zelina’s employees own good to avoid Zelina’s pitfall, it was not acceptable conduct at the firm.  And in serious cases, anyone that had relations with a client would be suspended, which was a loose term for immediate dismissal.  Since Sunni had written it, they had never talked about it again.  That was until, just now, with her clumsy indirect mention of it.

Considering what it had done to Zelina professionally, let alone emotionally, Sunni had become an avid believer in not mixing business with pleasure.  Not at all.  And unlike the few casualties to it, Sunni had witnessed, that had been let go, it had never personally been a problem for Sunni.  Sure, she had been attracted to a few of the distinguished, ruggedly handsome, model faced gentleman, but she had shelved her attraction and efficiently handled any business with the uttermost professionalism.  Her career was top priority in her life.  The only thing it was second chair to was her best friends, Lana being one of them, and her two Yorkie pups named Clubs and Hearts.

“Sunni?  Earth to Sunni,” Zelina leaned closer as she had tried to regain Sunni’s, who had zoned out in the thought, attention.

A still standing Sunni flashed a huge smile as she voiced while she took a seat in front of Zelina now, “I’m back in the room.  Sorry.”

“Sunni, you are sometimes quirky as I don’t know what.  Anyway I said that it is a live-in twenty-four hour a day assignment through the holidays into the early part of the year.  The client, Striker Clint.”

Sunni froze after hearing his name.  Striker Clint.  Holy crap.  That dreamy faced hard bodied gorgeous blue eyed well everything sexy and confident god amongst mortals.  She had better just quit now.  Sunni was fantasizing about skipping through fields with him as she had flipped into auto-pilot.  She barely heard another word that Zelina had spoken.

All she could think of was the fact that she had been crushed out on that singer/actor, who had done one of the most iconic songs of their time for an action movie while he simultaneously had starred in the film.  When people got down in the dumps and got ice cream, she had watched his films and listened to his songs to pick herself up as if it was her ice cream.

He was the one that she had in the back of her mind, that guy who said that a guy could be better, when she was on dates and in a relationship.  Striker didn’t raise the bar, he was the bar for her.  Striker too had been on the list—that list—of the top three freebie okay to have sex with if ever they should meet even if she was in a committed relationship.  She giggled to herself, and again thought she should just quit now.  But she had a better plan.


Sunni was now alone—absolutely alone—in her car in route to rendezvous with him at the studio, so she screamed.  And it was one of the best tween type excited shrill screams of elation ever.  Horror film, amusement coaster riders, and music fans in the front row of a concert, all had been shamed.

She sighed, “There.  That was a very mature way to handle this situation.”  She then continued to talk herself through it, “he probably is all airbrushing or photoshop magic,” as she got out of the car and went inside she continued, “he doesn’t even look…”

Her lies had been ended.  There he was.  And he was every bit as beautiful as she thought he’d be.


After she received clearance, having been searched and her phone scanned for live feeds, Sunni had been allowed to finally work.  Sunni sprung into professional mode.  With quick confident strides she made her way over to Striker and the team of people that buzzed around him.  Most people would look for a manager or handler to handle the introductions, but that was not Sunni’s style.  She was direct.  She always felt that it was warmer to meet her client personally, and then to handle the other details afterward.

She extended her hand, and chirped spunkily as he took it, “Hi, I will be handling all of your needs over the holidays.

A sizzling grin twisted to life on Striker’s face, she melted, as he returned, “Is that right?  All of my needs.”

She blushed, her mind wanted to go flirtatious and even sexual so very badly, but she kept it on task.

She warmly returned, “Well not all of your needs.  I am just going to be taking your clothes on and off.”  Instantly she snapped her mouth closed.

Oh, crap.  She thought inside.  This was about to go off the tracks if she did not buckle down.  It was time to regroup.

Sure, in all fairness, she had fantasized about him from a far and had thought about saying many wildly suggestive things to him, but this was not the time nor the place.  And another huge fact—one that mattered big time—she was a professional.  She told herself to get it together.  She nodded.  Although the redness of embarrassment was now burning to the surface of her skin, she was again ready to speak.

“I am guessing.  You know that I meant I was your style consultant.”

“Yes,” he chuckled, so sexily it was criminal.


Film and television had not scratched the surface of what he looked like in truth.  His lean physique was the thing of legend.  He had the kind of body a stylist dreamed of putting clothes on.  She smirked, as she thought, or a stylist wanted to take clothes off.  She had to focus; to put thoughts like that out of her head.  That was, if she hope to ever get through his fitting.


Her skin had begun to prickle with fire.  Fever for him swept her frame, hot, like a scanner of a copier.  She bit her lip, there was something about watching him dress—all for her—just for her.

The more she watched him, the more she liked it.  It was kinky, with the perfect excuse to direct him to put his clothes on or to take them off.  As he slipped out of his recently outfit, currently jeans and flannel, she recalled sexual things that he had done to her, and it had it made her hungry for a taste of more of what he had given.

As she watched him now, with every small flick of his wrist to close a button, her desire for him climbed to a roar.  Now as he shook his jacket into place, of his next outfit change, with a roll of his shoulders, as only a man as confident as him could, heat rushed through her frame.  What they were doing now was all foreplay.  Apparently the morning light, as she had thought, had not given her the strength to deny him.  In an attempt to distract herself from that truth—a weak attempt—she had gone about business as usual with a standard fitting question she had asked over a thousand times.

“Everything feels really good to you?”

She closed her eyes, she could have said, is the fit good, but her mouth had not allowed it.  Her brain and her mouth needed to get on the same page before Striker got wise to her building sensual need again for him.

He hummed in appreciation as he answered, blissfully unaware of her situation, “Oh yeah feels really, really good.”

His innocent hum, similar to one that he had done within her ear, had caused a flashback of mid orgasmic arrival to press back to her consciousness.

Her eyes fluttered, like as if he was back within her, as she somehow managed, “Okay Striker, test the movement of it.”

As he flipped his hands into his pockets and sent the jacket soaring back with ease, Sunni had become aware of a salty taste upon her lips.  It had been blood.  She had bitten her lip in excess to the point that she had broken skin.  The saltiness was a reminder of his taste from his sexual muscle’s tip and with that she spun around and shot off to the bed.  She needed some distance.  At least long enough to pull herself together.  In hopes of keeping her desire undetected she searched for anything that would have warranted her quick response.  Her eyes widened, she had found it.

She returned to him with a skinny black dress belt.  To her it seemed to glow with an angelic halo effect for having bailed her out as she presented it to him.

“Try this belt.”

Clearly within his professional zone, he slipped it on unaware of how turned on she was as she watched him do it.  Her mind had first shot to how nice everything about his lean lower region was gifted.  And then her mind had focused on his beautiful strong well-groomed hands.  His hands alone were wildly sexy in too many ways to count.  But the ultimate thing was how as he pushed the head of the belt in and out of the loops, like the way he had pushed in and out of her as he had taken her, she near had called the fitting and had taken him back to bed.

As she leaned around him, in his black tuxedo for a fundraiser black tie event, he asked, “This is the last outfit right?”

“Uh huh,” she struggled to sound as if she had not been raging and ready to kick him over and have her way with him right there on the floor, the door, and the dresser.

A huge smile claimed his face, as he shot out, “Good.”

After his words he turned to face her, picked her up, and swept her legs around his body.  She giggled, he apparently had the same idea, as he had dropped her down upon the dresser.  He brought her fitted black sleeveless dress up about her waist, unzipped, and poured himself within her.  He had cleared the dresser and with both hands at her sides it appeared that he had no signs of slowing down.

Sexy Love
Over 100 poems in the collection – Focused On Love
Emotionally Charged


You are in my thoughts, like air is in my lungs  –Focused On Love


The collection includes various aspects of love within the 12 Chapters of FOCUSED ON LOVE.


Here are a few poems from the collection.


World Love (Caring for others around You)


Call Her By Name


Why do you call her that

That ugly name

Her name is one of beauty

But yet you see the worst

Please see her as I do

Call her the name she was given

Her name of beauty


Experienced Love (Break Up)




All I ever wanted to do

Was to make you happy

Which I see now is a losing battle

For you are the only one that can do that

Your misery is what you love

For you lay down with it at night

You whisper things to it across the pillow

Which you cannot bring yourself to share with me

Your misery has seduced you

And in turn

I have lost you


Beckoning Love (Wanting love so bad you can taste it)




Beg me

To stop only dreaming of you

Want me

To stop only having thoughts of you

Become jealous enough to

Touch me

Possess me

I wish you would


To Love You More (True Love Forever)




I have never felt about anyone

As I do about you

You are in my thoughts

Like breath is in my lungs

Like air

I cannot be without you

Say you feel as I do

For I love and cannot go

Without You





Sexy Love Poems (3 from the collection)




Sway with me

Feel the warmth

Sway with me

Feel my comfort

Sway with me

Feel nothing else






A taste of you

Is never enough

I always can

Take more of what you give

Lick me

Lick You

Bite Me

Lick Me

Bite harder

Lick up your love





Can be rough


Oh so sweet


Need me so I feel it


Shatter me and put me back together


Drown me


Hold me










Red-Hot Romance
The Love You Dream About