Solo Novels
markie cover pic

Markie and Johnny are about to share one hot romance.

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4 Flavors of Lexi
cover tennis

Donavan is just what Dani needs to get in touch with her passion.

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Craving romance? With intensity of sweet to erotic pick 1 of the 4 Flavors of Lexi’s romances.

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Happy Hour
aseries happy hour

Maxi and Wolf stir each other’s passion beyond their wildest dreams.

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Holiday Fever
aseries holiday
aweb customfit

Sunni just got her dream assignment to take Striker’s clothes off.

aweb closequarters

Lana and Bobby have a sexy holiday neither of them planned on.

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aweb midnightkiss

Carrie kisses Collin at midnight and then the fun really begins.

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cover cabin fever  - Copy

Aimee never expected Ty to come knocking on Valentine’s Day.

cover be mine  - Copy

Margo doesn’t mind she’s going to be stuck in the car with the sexy Drew for hours.

Romancing The Roommate
aseries romancing roommate
aweb assistinglove

Dixie wants to be anything but professional with Cliff.

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cover a little push

Zoe just realized her roommate Aaron is the perfect guy for her.

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Seductive Recipes
aseries seductive recipes
aweb convinceme

Jo and Roger have frisky fun in and out of the kitchen.

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aweb wereallyshouldnt

Lucky can’t deny it.  Her craving for Todd is too powerful.

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aweb heartinone

Laney is finding that Cougar may be the perfect one.

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Sensual Protection
aseries sensual protection
cover dangerous listing

Piper and Marko don’t mind being confined to one place.

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aweb privatelessons

Jimmy is giving Ryan the kind of lessons she dreamed about.

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aweb deepcovermerger

Silver is passionate about her assignment to protect Elijah’s body.

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Phoenix may have secrets but what she feels for Jeremy is not one of them.

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Sexy Law
aseries sexy law
cover too much trouble - Copy

Sela can’t stand how crazy she is for the arrogant and wildly sexy Gavin.

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Under Covers
aseries under covers
cover undercover team up

Sea and Quentin are enjoying the sexy benefits of being undercover spouses.

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Vital Passion
vital passion
cover wildfire

Bella and Xander learn that the fires he fights aren’t nearly as hot as their bedroom.

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Wedding Bliss
aseries wedding bliss

Ariel and Cort are finding that marriage to a stranger can be delicious fun.

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