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Lexi Miles was born in northern California and is growing a cult following for both her poetry and romance novels.


Lexi lived in various places in California and Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno).  Tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches are Lexi’s favorite escapes. She has one sister, Cat. Presently she resides in California and is a proud pup mom of two mischievous Yorkies.  They are handfuls and most definitely light up her life!  Lexi delights in having a good Netflix binge.  Lexi enjoys music (all genres), baseball, bubble baths, cooking, and long walks on the treadmill (AKA working out).


Cultivation of Lexi’s writing is attributed to a lot of reading, variety of writing contests, her college studies in communication, and her association and mentoring from professors, published authors, and editors.  In addition, she credits the tool of LIFE EXPERIENCES in general as one of the key factors in the development of her writing. Lexi personally edited and consulted for various published novels as well.


Lexi embraces who she is and is a huge fan of positivity; accordingly, she loves to giggle and make others smile as often as she can.  Lexi, has a deep interest in personal growth and is always open to learning new things that challenge her.  On her off-time, she adores the chance to binge watch/read a good romance, mystery, suspense, or life stories in general.  Whenever possible, Lexi tries to help others achieve their goals in life.  Lexi strongly believes that life is an incredible gift and is to be enjoyed!


Lexi fell in LOVE with writing—head over heels in love—from the time that she could first hold a pen and she just never stopped falling.  Lexi loves writing romance; she believes there is something extraordinary about the magic of love shared by a couple.  Lexi is thrilled to pen that beauty of love on paper!



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What is your favorite part about writing romance novels?

Everything, it is such a layered genre.  I love creating the characters, weaving in a bit of life, the pulse racing hotness, and the sweet love.  I love that love conquers all despite whatever challenges life throws at us!

How did you start writing? When did you know it was your calling?

When I was younger, the writing bug bit me when I did a writing project in elementary school where we got the assignment to create our own fresh stories in the vein of the different genres that we were studying: fairytales, tall tales, magic, and the others.  I had always been creative—really creative—imagination running wild as I played with my Barbies, stuffed bears, and My Little Ponies.  So, when it hit me that I not only got a chance to create and act out, but to also write them down to share the fun over and over, anytime they were read, with others I was hooked!  And to this day, I have continued to share them—and have not looked back. 

What is one thing that you want us to know about you Lexi?

I have the gift to gab.  I am blunt and very much about getting to the point.  I am a giggler.  I cry at movies.  I have a bunch more to share, but those are a few that came to mind right now.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Anything and everything.  That is the simple answer.  That ranges from songs, my interests, dreams, and things I’ve been watching.  Any subject that speaks to me, calls to me, vibrates with me.  I just have to write it!

What is one thing that sets your romance novels a part from other romances?

I write the traditional romance yet with lots and lots of twists.  Let me explain.  I love sweet romances that grip your heart and possess that brilliant electricity of everything a traditional good contemporary romance should: they meet, hot sexual tension, they get sexy, a conflict they overcome, and then an awesome happy ending.  But I write that red-hot sexy romance in fresh ways so that it is not predictable and it’s riveting!  It’s the kind that makes you want to turn the page and read it again and again!

What will someone walk away with having read the novels?

Love is worth it.  All of the stories, that are coming soon or that are out, show challenges that couples face and how they evolve as individuals and couples because of them.  I think that love makes us the best versions of ourselves.  You know, the most courageous people that we can be because we know that we are loved and accepted deeply.  In my opinion, romantic love, centers us and makes everything about life more vibrant and beautiful.  Love, in many ways, is like that spice of a secret recipe in cooking that makes life taste better!

How do you find time to get everything done?

Writing lists and sticking to those lists are my best friend.  I plan out my time and try to stick closely to it.  That way I stay on track!

What are your characters like?

I am all about having strong mature realistic female leads.  I am not about the “little mommies” or the stubborn cliché types.  I think that women can be spunky, strong, independent, sexy, and soft all at the same time.  I love writing that balance.  And on the flipside, I have sexy fire-hot alpha males that aren’t the stereotypical guy.  My fellows are intelligent gentlemen, vulnerable yet extremely confident, don’t let my female leads get away with anything, and are sweetly protective.  Each of my leads male or female go after what they want and often times that is each other! 

What should someone expect when reading any of your titles?

To be ready for a good time!

What is your favorite workspace to write?

I love to sit in my chair at my desk legs up and crossed beneath me as I write.

One quick fact about you?

I adore the beach!  I was a mermaid in another life! (Giggles)

What are a few unique aspects about your blog?

Four things come to mind straightaway: Character Interviews that introduce you to characters in the books (mine and other authors) via a quick interview with the actual characters, Positive Power Quotes with Weekly Recaps, Music Blogs (songs I listen to as I write), and rounding out the list Life/Writer Tips.  All have a different voice and are deliciously fun to share!

You co-host a weekly social media event #FoodParty every Tuesday.  Can you please tell us about it?

Well it all started from a cookbook entitled #FoodParty that I co-authored with romance author and friend Chloe Quinn.  From there the hashtag game evolved into a weekly chat about food where participants share a line from a work of theirs (WIP aka Work In Progress or Published Work), a picture of a craving, or a random thought as it relates to the weekly theme.  Anyone can join us and we always have a lot of fun with it!

One thing that you like doing as an author?

Recently I got into doing Book boards on Pinterest where I share/pin snapshots of the ideas of what is in my head as I am writing the books.  It’s wildly fun to do!

When you write, do you plan out everything or let the story lead?

A little bit of both.  I write an outline, but I let it flow naturally. 

What do you do when you are not writing?

When I am not writing/editing, I love to draw and actually created a comic strip featurette, lighthearted similar to that of the Garfield vein, based on twin sisters named Hayley and Nadia.  It is basically a comical view of life that takes place in all the places life does: gym, school, home and often their favorite burger place.  It is full of laughs and is a great way to relax.  Speaking of gigging, I love to do that!  I also adore it whenever I get a chance to sing, meditate, journal, work-out, Netflix binge, listen to music, work on a DIY project, take a beauty time out to spoil myself, lounge in a bubble bath, or spend time with those that I love.  Within those numbers, most definitely includes my two mischief makers, my Yorkies!

What is a great read to you?

How Good Can It Get by Alan Cohen has got to be my go to as far as books to read.  I read a lot, but I circle back to that one because I never tire of it.  The story is one of those that expands the way you think, is positive, inspires me, and always gets me smiling.  I also enjoy reading romances with a variety of strong plots and feisty characters by either Chloe Quinn, Dakota Storm, or Vania Rheault.

Something unique about your writing process?

Once I have finished, I have this ritual where I step away from it completely.  After a moment I return to it so that I can read with fresh eyes as if I am a reader.  I do the whole shebang where I talk aloud to it, blush or slap my head at the awkward moments, get mad at the interfering characters, fall in love with their story, drink cool water at the hot parts, and all that good stuff.  To read it as my readers do is one of the best part of writing it to me! 

Can you explain the 4 Flavors of Lexi and what it has to do with the type of romances that you write?

The 4 Flavors of Lexi are the various heat levels of my novels that range from Sweet (romance for TV), Fire (Sensual and Steamy), Alarm (Erotic), and Magic (Sexy with a twist of Magic).  The idea here is that I have an intensity to quench any craving.

Do you ever use the places that you have traveled to as setting for your stories?

Yes, all the time.  Something as simple as going to the dog park or extravagant as an island getaway with the sand between my toes.  All of it makes the books!

Who is someone that inspires you?

I am inspired not by one person alone, but by anyone that goes after what they want with all that they have.  I am inspired by those who love whole-heartedly and are kind to others.  I am inspired by those who don’t see something as limiting but limitless.  Those are the people that inspire me!

Best advice for new writers?

Write the story that you want to read.

What is one thing that you want to say to your readers as well as to fans of romance novels?

Thank you for reading them.  And please drop by anytime to chat with me about them because, as a fan of reading them myself, I always love a good talk about romance.

Novel Info
out now – romances

The Order of Moonlight: Clair De Lune a young woman, who works at a small town café in the middle of nowhere, likes to live her life off of the radar.  One afternoon that all changes when a wildly handsome mysterious suit wearing gentleman walks into her café.  Intrigued to know more about the gorgeous enigmatic stranger, when he extends an invite to the masquerade ball later that night, she decides to meet him.  Soon Clair finds that there just might be more to him than meets the human eye.  Is Clair ready to step into his magical world of passion?

Custom Fit: Sunni is one of the most sought after style consultants and is totally put off when her boss Zelina calls her into her office, as if Sunni is a newbie cub, and gives her an emergency assignment.  Sunni’s protest comes to a halt when she realizes that she just got the assignment of a lifetime: dressing the ultra-sexy singer/actor Striker Clint for the entire holiday season.  The only rule, to avoid termination, no romantic involvement with the client.  But Striker is not just any client, Sunni has had it bad for him since she laid eyes on him in one of his earlier films.  Are some rules made to be broken?

more releases – poetry / cookbooks

#FOODPARTY: Have you ever wanted to taste a recipe that you saw on TV or in a novel?  Well #FOODPARTY by romance author Chloe Quinn (Savory Aphrodisiac, Daphne, and Passion in Season) and romance author Lexi Miles (Custom Fit, Too Much Trouble, and Private Lessons) gives you that chance.  As a treat to anyone that reads their many romance novels they have included some of the actual recipes talked about within the pages of the books.  Not only can you enjoy the stories, but you now can taste them too!  The cookbook is jam packed with tasty recipes and helpful cooking hacks that are good for any occasion.  The recipes cover the full gambit of yummy: breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, and desserts.

Focused On Love: Want to be moved by every word that you read?  A collection of emotionally stirring poems that are all about love: falling in love, passion, losing love, forever love. 

coming soon – romances

Dangerous Listings: A realtor named Piper rents out a listing and stumbles into a dangerous situation.  She soon finds herself hold up with the ever sexy and mysterious Marko, and she’s not complaining.  Is danger just the thing they need to kick off their sexy romance?

Private Lessons: Dorian DeVain, a travel agent, gets tricked into taking much needed self-defense classes by her best friend Piper.  She is apprehensive, even given the looming threat of her past, until she meets the ultra-sexy brown haired instructor Jimmy Jalin.  Will there be sexy benefits included with his training?

Convince Me: Josephine Summers, a feisty red headed chef has just been blacklisted for declining her boss’ romantic advances.  Determined for a fresh start Jo has a chance meeting with the dreamy lawyer with the penetrating blue eyes, Roger, who convinces her to become his live in chef.  After that things really heat up.  Is Jo going find it difficult to keep things strictly professional?


Mix Matched: Maxi is a bartender at a bar that the mega-hot Wolf Crane owns.  Wolf, off the clock, is known for giving romantic help to others so they find their romantic match.  She gets the idea to have Wolf use his skills to help her until she can get him to realize that she is his perfect match.  Can she sway him to see her daydream for them?


Click For More: Ariel Bowie, is in her late twenties and is a successful career focused clothing boutique chain owner.  Ariel has been receiving a lot of pressure from the hens, ladies in her family, to wed—and to do it fast—because wedding is expected for the ladies in the Bowie family.  With Ariel’s baby sister’s nuptials approaching, during a late night of rom-com watching, Ariel decides it is time to take action and list herself with the wed quick website Click for More.  She comes across the oh-so-gorgeous dark haired businessman Cort Abbot, who too has his own reasons to wed, and soon she finds herself married to this sexy stranger and loving every minute of it.  But some people aren’t as happy as she is about her new marriage.  Will they cause problems in paradise, or will the couple find that some things are meant to last?

coming soon – poetry / cookbooks
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