What is the private room? A room with a bunch of sexy fun secrets and ideas shared by Lexi!
Romantic Ideas
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CAUTION: Fire-hot secret. Silk fabric rose petals may cause a touch of delicacy, elegance, and sexiness to the following: special occasions, weddings; romantic moments, spread around for an extra spark; and relaxing situations in general, bubble baths.

Sexy silk fabric rose petals offer many features:

  • Variety of shapes of standard petals or customized shapes (ie: hearts)
  • Wide options of colors (special order custom shades available for most retailers)
  • Pre-scented or unscented versions available (Adding a soft mist of body spray to unscented tends to work best. Before use allow to thoroughly dry.)
  • Standard size packages have a long life
  • Available for purchase online
Great Buy

ATTENTION: Great buy. Ready-made salads are the best, don’t you agree? If you like those, pick the option of the bag with multiple servings versus the alternative of the individual bowl on-the-go type whenever possible. It is usually the better value for price and portion.

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Happy Home
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ATTENTION: Make life a lot easier with the latest thing that I fell in love with: Dash Buttons from Amazon. Basically they are buttons set up conveniently around the house by common items someone needs (like laundry detergent pods) that you push when items are getting low.  Amazon recognizes your settings and ships the stock out to your home without having to special order them.  Super Cool!

Hot Grabs

JUST IN: Couple massages are a great way to relax and to bond romantically all at the same time. Call A Spa Today and Get A Fire Going!

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Cool Projects
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ALERT: Super fun project. Dessert or Candle, that is the question. The answer, one of the coolest DIY projects. In fact, I liked it so much that I put a pin on it. As I giggle on—highly amused—having not been able to resist my last sentence, please click the pinterest link for further details on the dessert Candle project. http://library.rusticescentuals.com/candle-making-tutorial-dessert-jelly-jar-candle/

Music Chat

WARNING: May cause relaxation. Heads up music lovers on this amazing find, courtesy of my best-friend, if you are a fan of mellow music. On your choice of music application, via your phone or other electronic devices, search with the keywords: spa, zen, or evening mixes. Presto, hours of calming music mixes that are quite perfect for any steamy, writing, or mellow moment.

Slumber Party Beauty Secrets
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SPECIAL ALERT: Tendency to enhance one’s beauty. The perfect pout is something everyone can have with this simple trick.  Before you slip into bed for the night, smooth on your favorite choice of lip moisturizer, heavily, and simply go to sleep.  In the morning you are sure to wake with softer kissable lips.

Clarification Time

Note: This section is to clarify general subjects discussed or related to me, Lexi Miles; accordingly, that extends to anything that comes to my mind that needs more of an explanation.



You may have noticed the phrase, “Love without End” splashed around everywhere. There is a reason for that. While it may be obvious and in many ways self-explanatory, I chose the phrase “Love without End” for very specific reasons. I think it is endless: LOVE. I also believe in this truth and will eternally: LOVE hard and fiercely with all that you have.



There are many subjects discussed on my website, but the most important aspect that I want you to take away is that here my friend, on this website, you feel at home: please always remember that. I also deeply appreciate that you stopped in and that you enjoy the journey of each of my novels with me. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish you many wonderful, unforgettable, and amazing treasures in your future. Have a fun time reading, and don’t forget daily to keep things fun and keep it relaxed. Thank You.

xoxo Lexi Miles