• happy birthday may

    17 May S/O: Happy Birthday May Babies!

    Happy Birthday May Babies! To all the dolls and gents celebrating birthdays in May sending you a warm Happy Birthday! I personally celebrate my birthday in May too, and I have to say it is a great month to be born in! Warm wishes again fellow May born cookies!......

  • heat zone

    26 May HZ Fun Feedback (1)

    Hey Guys! I am back as promised to talk about Heat Zone and the fun feedback that I get from the Heat Zoners (fans of the soap).  Some of the Heat Zoners are really passionate about what is going on, and I love it.  With......

  • happy birthday june

    12 Jun S/O: Happy Birthday June Babies

    Happy Birthday June Babies!   Just popping in to send out a warm, special, and extremely Happy Birthday wish to all of those June Cuties with a birthday this month!  I hope that you are showered with endless birthday wishes and have an incredible time......

  • 9822907 - thank you message on the keyboard

    27 Jul Thank You To All Following Me

    THANK YOU Posted:7-27-16 I just wanted to say a warm thank you to all of you that follow me on any of my social media accounts, newsletter, blog, and the virtual soap Heat Zone!  I am really honored to have all of you as supporters,......

  • august babies

    05 Aug Happy Birthday August Babies 2016!

    Hi, it’s Lexi Miles!  I am just stopping in to wish all of the special, amazing, and wonderful August Babies a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope that everything about your birthday is as wonderful as you and then some!  I want to extend a HUGE......

  • Happy Birthday September Babies

    02 Sep Happy Birthday September Babies 2016

    Hi there! I am just stopping in to wish all of the September Babies celebrating a birthday this month!  I hope that you have an amazing time for your special day! Hugs and Happy, Happy Birthday! xo LM...

  • hb october 2016

    02 Oct Shout-Out: Happy Birthday October 2016

    Happy birthday to all of the October Babies!  I hope that you all have AMAZING BIRTHDAYS and a truly special month! xo LM...

  • november

    11 Nov Shout-Out Happy Birthday November Babies

    Hey November Babies! Just popping in with a HUGE BIRTHDAY WISH FOR YOU!  You are amazing and I thought that I would tell you so!  Have an incredible birthday month and have a lot of fun as you do! BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hugs to All,......

  • embrace thanks

    24 Nov Happy Thanksgiving 2016

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I am thankful for my loved ones, friends, readers, and YOU reading this right now! Hugs and Thank You for your support today and everyday! I hope that you find the holiday to be refreshing as well as a great excuse to......

  • december

    25 Dec Happy Birthday: December Babies

    BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL DECEMBER BABIES! I hope that you have been getting spoiled all month long! Hugs To All! Lexi...

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